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July 21

SUNDAY, JULY 21, 8:00 A.M.  Bartholomew’s Cobble is a preserve in western Massachusetts. The diverse range of habitats includes floodplains, rock outcrops, mature forest and grasslands. The preserve is noted for its variety of ferns and wildflowers. We can expect a good variety of birds and perhaps other wildlife. We will meet locally and travel to the preserve. Carpooling is encouraged. Participants should be prepared for trail conditions that may include steep slopes, short scrambles, and/or mud. Ticks and biting insects may be encountered. Bring water and your lunch to eat in the field. Participation is limited. Contact George Moxham (gfmoxham@gmail.com) to register.


July 21


The field trips of JBNHS are oriented to nature study. They are free and open to the public. We do, however, sometimes visit sites that charge admission fees, which are the responsibility of the participants. Children are very welcome on field trips, but pets are not. Although there is a brief courtesy waiting period for latecomers, the meeting times are important: please arrive in time to sign up with the leader.


All participants should be aware of existing guidelines and new field trip protocol listed below:
(Scheduled field trips are listed below the guidelines)

Participant responsibility agreement while attending a JBNHS field trip or outing. Please note that there will be no physical sign-in sheet until further notice. By registering, each participant acknowledges both his/her understanding and acceptance of the Individual’s Responsibilities stated below.

Individual’s Responsibilities are:
1. To stay with the group, follow trip leader’s requests, and do not separate unless you notify trip leader
2. To understand that out-of-doors activities involve hazards and that one participates at one’s own risk
3. To wear with clothing and footwear appropriate to the terrain, and for sun and insect challenges as well
4. To adhere to the ABA Birding Code of Ethics, respect and preserve the flora, fauna, and properties we visit
5. To be mindful and courteous to other participants

Additionally, we will ask that all participants:
1. Fully vaccinated participants are not required to wear a mask for JBNHS field trips
2. Unvaccinated participants are required to wear a mask and when unable to do so, must social distance.
3. Optics may be shared if those involved are comfortable with doing so
4. Carpooling is at the discretion of participants.
5. Preregistration is required for all field trips and participation may be limited.

These guidelines are subject to change if the COVID-19 mutations make more restrictions necessary.