Mohonk Preserve

Mohonk Preserve, on the Shawangunk ridge west of New Paltz, spans 8,000 acres in adjacent corners of the towns of Gardiner, Rochester and Marbletown. It is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the Shawangunk ridge and its habitats. Its trails are open to members and visitors, with a day use fee for non-members. Guests of the Mohonk Mountain House Hotel have free access to the Preserve’s trails. There are several areas of the Preserve that can be especially rewarding for bird-watching. The open fields at Spring Farm have a large population of nesting Indigo Buntings. Duck Pond hosts many woodland and “edge” species of warblers, plus Wood Thrushes, Scarlet Tanagers, and usually an Acadian Flycatcher. More montane species, like Slate-colored Juncos, Blackburnian Warblers, and Winter Wrens, nest on the north-facing slopes of Rock Rift. The ridge now supports nesting Peregrines, Ravens, and Black and Turkey vultures. There is a Hawk Watch at the Near Trapps in the Fall.

Directions: The visitor center for Mohonk Preserve is located on US 44/NY 55, about 1/2 mile north of the western terminus of SR 299. Maps and information can be obtained there, or by calling 845-255-0919, or at

Latitude, Longitude: 41°44’10″N, 74°11’08″W
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