The Great Vly

Paddling at the Great Vly
The Great Vly is a large freshwater marsh bordered by rock cliffs and wooded hills. Osprey, Golden Eagle, American Bittern, blackbirds, and thirty species of warblers pass through The Great Vly during spring migration. Common Nighthawks assemble in small flocks to rest and feed over the open marsh. Common and Black Terns have been observed in migration. Woodcocks, Swamp Sparrows, rails, and herons nest here, along with 3 species of vireos, warblers and other woodland birds. In late summer and early fall, unique floating mats of vegetation provide good shorebird habitat.

Directions: From the village of Saugerties drive north on US 9W through the hamlet of Malden to West Camp. Turn left (west) at West Camp Road and continue 1.2 miles to the short (unpaved) access road on the right, flanked by posts with NYS DEC signage.

Latitude, Longitude: 42°08’06″N, 73°56’40″W
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