Wilson State Park

Wilson State Park is surrounded by beautiful mountains and panoramic views and is a popular camping destination. The “off” season is the best time for a birder to visit the park; the walking is easy and good habitat is accessible on the paved camping loops and maintained trails that follow the meandering Little Beaver Kill. The park is known for resident Ruffed Grouse and breeding Alder Flycatchers, but can also be an exciting location during spring migration when many birds will feed on aquatic born insects near the beaver impoundment. In flight years, winter finches are likely, especially redpolls foraging in the alders.

Directions: From Kingston proceed 5.9 miles on Rt. 28, turn right on Old Rt. 28 then right again on Ohayo Mountain Road (Cty. Rt. 41), turn left on Glenford/Wittenberg Road (Cty. Rt. 40) and continue 4.5 miles to park entrance on the left. Address: 859 Wittenberg Road, Mt. Tremper, NY 12457

Latitude, Longitude: 42°01’30″N, 74°13’01″W
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