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May 7

JBNHS’ annual Big Sit is also our BIG fundraiser for the year (that’s why we do our’s in May) but serves too as a friendly competition between the established sits.  Do you have a birdy back deck or favorite patch and a cause worth birding for?  Why not join the challenge and see how many species you can identify from a 17’ diameter circle and get friends and family to pledge to your effort.  In the past money has been raised to help worthy endeavors like numerous enhancements at SGNWR, support the wonderful New York State Young Birders Club, install Where to Bird in Ulster County panels now located at four locations about the county, and aid Annie Mardiney’s important rehabilitation work.

Bowdery’s Homestead Sit: Allan (with split shift coverage from his better half) and gifted birding grandkiddies will bird their yard with hopes of a good feeder bird to pad our cumulative list and raise the most money we can to distribute in June to important environmental and conservation concerns in the region.

Fagan Homestead Sit: Email Lin Fagan (faganlin@verizon.net ) to join team Turf for Surf or pledge your support to the wonderful NYC Piping Plover Project.

Galeville (SGNWR) Sit: Spend some time on the observation deck at Galeville (SGNWR) looking and listening for those ever important (and harder to find) grassland species. Team Shawangunk Redemption could have another Sandhill Crane up their sleeves.  This year’s funds may help to install bee hives at the refuge!  Please contact Donna Seymour (dseymour66@gmail.com ) to plan and schedule your shift.

Great Vly Sit: Team Bobcat will again be birding Fradon Marsh from a pressure treated tower and greatly helping our cumulative JBNHS Big Sit total with all those wonderful marsh birds and maybe a surprise like another Black Tern.   Support in 2021 allowed for the assembly and installation of over 30 Wood Duck boxes in the Vly!

Hayes’ Homestead Sit: Dave and Tracey will bird their yard and do so for as good a cause as you could find, Wild Mountain Birds and JBNHS trustee Annie Mardiney’s awesome work.

Nyquist-Harcourt Sit: The Oxbow Oddballs will again bird for our friends at the Wallkill Valley Land Trust (WVLT).  Please contact Sara DeAngelis (saradeangelis@me.com ) to help at this location.

Kingston Point Sit: Some use words like dynasty, this may be premature but another dominant performance this year and it would be hard to dispute.  This perennial powerhouse will be birding to raise money to support the important NYS Breeding Bird Atlas.

Paradies Lane Purple Martin Colony Sit: Join Annie Mardiney (amardiney@gmail.com ) and team Charlie’s Bird Song to help bird and remember the martin colony’s late caretaker Charlie West with pledges going to the installation of a pollinator garden and plaque in Charlie’s memory.

Simmons Homestead Sit: The Wittenberg Warblers will be birding for the Friends of Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center rehabilitators.

Thorn Preserve Sit: Please contact Dixon Onderdonk (dixononderdonk@gmail.com ) if you’d like to help.  The Thorn Thrashers will bird to support JBNHS’ generosity on projects about the entirety of Ulster County.

New Location for a Sit?
Please contact Mark DeDea (forsythnature@aol.com ) with any questions and to let us know about a new sit for promotional/ fundraising sake.

Donations can be based on a pledge per species (specific sit or cumulative) or flat donation.  Donations can be made online (click on the Support the Big Sit button below) or by check. Please make checks payable to JBNHS and note desired sit you’d like to support.  Send in donations to Treasurer Lin Fagan 281 West Chestnut Street Kingston NY 12401.



Purchase a JBNHS Sweatshirt to support the Ulster County Big Sit:


If you are ordering online and would like to receive your sweatshirt by the day of the Ulster County Big Sit (5/7/22) please place your order by Friday, 4/15/22 at 5 pm. The overall deadline to order is Friday, 4/29/22 by 5 pm.

If ordering by check please make the check out to JBNHS and send it along with what you wish to order to:
Lin Fagan
281 West Chestnut St
Kingston, NY, 12401.

Your check and order must be received by Friday, 4/15/22 at 5 pm in order for you to receive your sweatshirt by the day of the Ulster County Big Sit (5/7/22). The overall deadline with which your check and order must be received is Friday, 4/29/22 by 5 pm.


May 7


The field trips of JBNHS are oriented to nature study. They are free and open to the public. We do, however, sometimes visit sites that charge admission fees, which are the responsibility of the participants. Children are very welcome on field trips, but pets are not. Although there is a brief courtesy waiting period for latecomers, the meeting times are important: please arrive in time to sign up with the leader.

All participants should be aware of existing guidelines and new field trip protocol listed below:
(Scheduled field trips are listed below the guidelines)

Participant responsibility agreement while attending a JBNHS field trip or outing. Please note that there will be no physical sign-in sheet until further notice. By registering, each participant acknowledges both his/her understanding and acceptance of the Individual’s Responsibilities stated below.

Individual’s Responsibilities are:
1. To stay with the group, follow trip leader’s requests, and do not separate unless you notify trip leader
2. To understand that out-of-doors activities involve hazards and that one participates at one’s own risk
3. To wear with clothing and footwear appropriate to the terrain, and for sun and insect challenges as well
4. To adhere to the ABA Birding Code of Ethics, respect and preserve the flora, fauna, and properties we visit
5. To be mindful and courteous to other participants

Additionally, we will ask that all participants:
1. Fully vaccinated participants are not required to wear a mask for JBNHS field trips
2. Unvaccinated participants are required to wear a mask and when unable to do so, must social distance.
3. Optics may be shared if those involved are comfortable with doing so
4. Carpooling is at the discretion of participants.
5. Preregistration is required for all field trips and participation may be limited.

These guidelines are subject to change if the COVID-19 mutations make more restrictions necessary.